Security Vs. Civil Liberty

Security Vs. Civil Liberty - Bobby Moran Security Vs Civil...

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Unformatted text preview: Bobby Moran Security Vs. Civil liberties wake of the September 11 have come many proposals for tightening security Civil libertarians are troubled. They fear that concerns about national security will lead to an erosion of civil liberties. They offer historical examples of supposed overreactions to threats to national security. They treat our existing civil liberties- freedom of the press, protections of privacy and of the rights of criminal suspects, and the rest-as sacrosanct, insisting that the battle against international terrorism accommodate itself to them. I consider this a profoundly mistaken approach to the question of balancing liberty and security. The safer the nation feels, the more weight judges will be willing to give to the liberty interest. The greater the threat that an activity poses to the nation's safety, the stronger will the grounds seem for seeking to repress that activity, even at some cost to liberty. This fluid approach is only common sense. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson gave even at some cost to liberty....
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