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3 quotes for meeting - The Massive influx of impressions is...

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The Massive influx of impressions is so great; surprising barbaric, and violent things press so overpoweringly- “balled up into hideous clumps”- in the youthful soul; that it can save itself only by taking recourse in premeditated stupidity.(340) This quote is actually taken from a German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This quote is actually how Zengotita starts off his essay to introduce the idea that so much is being shot at us today that we have to become ignorant to all the information on purpose because there is just too much and it overpowers us. Technology has allowed information to be spread so quickly that we are constantly bombarded with information. I.E the cell phone now gets the internet and instant text messaging. The internet allows us to get instant information or breaking news from across the world. There is just so much information out there it is hard to focus on a small amount.
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