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Study Guide for Exam 1, Unit 1

Study Guide for Exam 1, Unit 1 - Bobby Moran American...

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Bobby Moran American Politics Study Guide Exam 1 Unit I Politics is… Process of who gets what, when, and how Actions among a number of people involving influence Contest among individuals and groups to influence the values, beliefs, and policy goals of society in their favor Government is… Political association that does two things: o Makes rules determining who gets valued things of a society o Regulates use of legitimate force, power and authority in society Mechanism for determining the rules of the political competition and who wins over time Why Study Politics… It is universal, no choice in whether or not to be involved Want to answer normative questions about power and legitimacy o Normative questions deal with how things should work Liberty Vs Equality Liberty is the emphasis on freedom of the individual Equality is the emphasis on the status of the group or collectivity o
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