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Chemistry - Lab write up (02-18)

Chemistry - Lab write up (02-18) - Exp Number Two Chemical...

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Exp. Number: Two Chemical Kinetics Date: 02/13/07 Objectives: The objectives of this experiment were to determine the number of drops of bleach needed to turn 5mL of diluted dye solution colorless., to understand the concepts of rate law, order, and rate constant, and finally to determine the rate law and rate constant K for the reaction of household bleach with FD and C food dyes Blue #1 and Red #40. Pre-Lab Question: 1) Household bleach has 6.00% NaOCl d= 1.09g/mL = 6g NaOCl/V = 1.09g/mL (6gNaOCl/100gNaOCl) x (1.091g/1mL) x (1000mL/74.44gNaOCl) = .88 mol 2) How many Grams/L of NaCl are needed to prepare solution with a molarity equal to that (the solution) in Question 1? .88mol/L x 58.43g/mole = 51.42g 3) Percent of NaOCl by weight for 1L bleach .800M NaOCl and a density of 1.09g/mL? D=m/v (.8mol/L) x (1L/1000mL) x (74g/mole) x (1mL/1.09g) x 100 = 5.4% Procedure: The procedure followed was specified on pages 35-36 of the General Chemistry 112 Laboratory Manual for the Spring Semester 2007. The only part of the experiment not followed was in Part B entitled “Pasco.” Data: >>> Part A Red dye + 2 drops of bleach = colorless at time 3.00min
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