Chemistry - Lab write up (14 bottle Experiment)

Chemistry - Lab write up (14 bottle Experiment) - soluble...

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Exp. 10 14 Bottle Experiment Date: 05/01/07 Objectives: The objectives of this experiment were to determine the identities of 14 aqueous solutions using chemistry knowledge and to strengthen skills of observation, analysis, and deduction. Procedure: The procedure that was used was to initially try burning each solution over a bunson burner with a little bit of each aqueous solution on a stick. Then after identifying a few ions with the burning method to used litmus paper and determine the acidity or basicity of the solution. After both of these were done and all results were recorded, a well plate was used to combine different bottles and look for any reactions that might possibly be an indicator of any certain cation or anion. Experimental Data: Bottle Numb er Cation Anion Justification 1101 Ag + NO 3 - Silver residue from burning; No change on litmus; NO 3 - is the only soluble anion. 1102 Ba 2+ NO 3 - Green/Yellow burning color; No change on litmus; anion is
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Unformatted text preview: soluble with everything. 1103 Al 3+ NO 3-No flame color; Blue Litmus pink; NO 3-is the only soluble anion. 1104 Mg 2+ SO 4 2-No Flame color; Blue Litmus pink; precipitated with Sr 2+ and Ba 2+ 1105 NH 4 + OH-Strong odor; No flame color; Blue Litmus Pink; Formed a complex with OH-1106 Co 2+ SO 4 2-No flame color; Pink litmus Blue; When added with bottle 5(ammonia) bubbles were created. 1107 Li + OH-Red Flame color; Neutral on litmus paper 1108 Fe 3+ Cl-No flame color; Blue litmus pink 1109 Na + SCN-No flame color; pink litmus blue; Precipitate with bottle 13. 1110 Cu 2+ Cl-No flame color; Blue litmus Pink 1111 Sr 2+ NO 3-Crimson flame; Pink litmus Blue 1112 Zn 2+ OH-No flame color; bottle 12 plus bottle 8 had a deep red color change. 1113 H + SO 4 2-Light orange in flame; Blue litmus Pink 1114 K + CO 2-3 Slightly purple in flame; Blue Litmus Pink...
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Chemistry - Lab write up (14 bottle Experiment) - soluble...

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