Study guide 1 - Frankenstein Mary Shelly Born in 1797 Her...

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Frankenstein: Mary Shelly- - Born in 1797 - Her mother was a woman named Mary Wollstonecraft o Very well know controversial figure in her day o Feminist- wanted complete sexual, economic and political equality for women - In 1796 she meets and falls in love with William Godwin o Was a major novelist in 1790’s o He shared her radical politics - Mary’s mother dies out of complications of birth so Mary Godwin never new her mother (guilt) - Mary is growing up surrounded by famous writers - She was mostly educated through informal manners - 1812 Percy Shelly comes to the house hold and is 21 o Just came into his own as a major figure in English literature o Percy is already married to a woman named Harriet whom he got pregnant when they were teenagers o They run away together (1812-1815) and they stay on the run o Napoleonic Wars are going on so this is no walk in the park o They have a couple of children One dies Son named William o Harriet kills herself so now Percy is free to do what he wants o December 1816 they finally get married o In the summer of 1816 they are in Switzerland and they are with Lord Byron and get stormed in They pass they time by reading ghost stories Mary takes this challenge very seriously and writes Frankenstein - At 19 she produces one of the great stories of all time - Percy Shelly dies when Mary is only 25 - She spent the rest of her life trying to support herself and her several kids. Frankenstein: - Victor Frankenstein is the creator of the Creature - This book deals with some very important social issues - A relationship to science is one issue this book deals with o It has been seen as a criticism to science and a total dependence on it - Victor wants to create life from non-life - Sexual issues also arise o Victor has a lover/sister (it is unclear of what she is) - Freud wrote his land mark work around 1900 o Mary Shelly writes a sort of prerequisite of what Freud says Volume I:
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Opens with a series of letters Robert: (slightly delusional) - father tells him don’t go to sea - his uncle exposes him to adventures a sea and he wants to set out - starts to sail to he North Pole - writing to hi sister Margret - He is after simple glory, not interested in Money - He meets victor when he is longing for a friend and tell his story Alfonse Caroline Victor Elizabeth Alfonse and Caroline meet when Alfonse begins to take care of her after her father died. Elizabeth is victors cousin who is raised as his sister. She is treated by victor as a possession or a play thing. She is Victor’s lover, sister, cousin and friend Victor becomes interested in Cornelius Agrippa - he talks about making life from non life - Alchemy- changing from one form to another - His father tells him not to waste his time on it, it is trash o This draws a parallel to Robert The absence of women is a motif in this novel Victor decides to create life - he digs for corpses and looks for materials in slaughter houses - victor is so absorbed by this project he begins to neglect his health
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Study guide 1 - Frankenstein Mary Shelly Born in 1797 Her...

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