Lecture (Aristotle)

Lecture (Aristotle) - Humanities Lecture Monday Read the...

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Humanities Lecture Monday September 24, 2007 Read the handout also Functions of Mankind - he starts looking at what makes a specific animal that animal - and what makes a living thing living o he says a living thing is able to sustain itself o it also decays - Next he ask what distinguishes a plant from an animal o He assumes an animal has mobility o It can also act on its own desires - The ext question is, assuming humans are an animal, what distinguishes them from other animals o For Aristotle the essence of mankind comes out of his ability to rationalize o It is in this quality of rationality, because it is the essence, that we will find true happiness o True happiness comes when you meet you function at the highest level - How do we obtain this happiness o Aristotle assumes that we are naturally social, he reasons from this that our happiness will develop only within a community o Moreover, happiness requires friendship- friendship is an essential quality of life Happiness - this is not happiness such as comedy, drunken, of physical pleasure happiness
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Lecture (Aristotle) - Humanities Lecture Monday Read the...

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