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Broadcasting 350 2007 Percent of Women Reports, Guests, etc. Women in Newsrooms – Percent Teenage viewing of Music Videos Malamuth and Donnerstein Research on Slaher films, etc. Violence on MTV Violence Against Women in Music Videos Women and media over the decades Carole Simpson Liz Trotta Hillary Brown Marlene Saunders Christine Craft/Janet Peckenpaugh Mary Alice Williams Connie Chung Barbara Walters Pauline Frederick Advertising and Anorexia and Bulimia Rape Myth and Television Death images in Music Videos Juxtrapositioning of sex and violence in music videos and in films Explicit Lyrics labeling Stereotypes and Myths of women in ads Sexual harassment depicted on television Anorexia and Bulimia statistics Media and Body Image Sex in ads directed to women NCWW reports/NOW reports Barbie Image Feminism and Ally McBeal Women on Prime Time, Images Oprah Winfrey
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Unformatted text preview: Daytime & Soap Operas Binge Eating Disorder Elizabeth Vargas Paula Zahn Sex on Prime Time Television Diane Sawyer Katie Couric Affirmative Action Support on TV News Jessica Savitch Leslie Stahl Jane Pauly Linda Ellerbee Phyllis George Kathleen Sullivan Aaron Spelling Norman Lear Soap Operas Prime Time Maude All in the Family Victoria’s Secret Ads/Maiden Form Ally McBeal Designing Women Golden Girls Charlie’s Angels David E. Kelly Linda Bloodworth-Thomson Mary Tyler Moore Deborah Norville Stephen Bochco Friends Three’s Company Men’s eating disorders Murphy Brown vs. Dan Quayle Media and gender portrayal Meredith Viera Sex & City/HBO Desperate Housewives/Greys Anatomy Transformation TV & Women's Images Plastic Surgery & Women Female Network Prime Time Anchors Over the Decades Older Women & Media Images...
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