AFP Midterm 2 - American Foreign Policy Midterm 2 Reading...

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American Foreign Policy Midterm 2 Reading Notes: “Going Critical” The number of people collecting social security and Medicare will double in 5 years while the number of people paying taxes will only increase by 18 percent. This will put US government in a debt of 45 trillion dollars. The only way to stop this from happening is to increase taxes by a ridiculous amount or reduce social security by over 50%…none of these scenarios are possible so US is in big trouble. Suggesting any policies that would be helpful however in the next election would be political suicide, because no Americans want to pay higher taxes or lose benefits, so what can be done? Is there any solution? o Stop growth of Medicare benefits per beneficiary – would save $15 trillion of $45 trillion o Privatize social security Going Critical = if investors start to fear inflation as outcome of economic crisis Decline of America’s empire will be due to crisis of welfare state, not terrorists or other regimes “The Outsourcing Bogeyman” Daniel Drezner Outsourcing creates many jobs – can save companies money so that it can hire people in other sections of a company. Companies that do outsource often need goods and services to do so and get those from American firms (which will then need to hire more employees in response to increase in customers) Comparative Advantage at work – states should focus on doing that for international market that one has a comparative advantage in, would eliminate competition Ambrose and Brinkley Ch 11 “Vietnam: Paying the Costs of Containment” US entered Vietnam because of containment, thought US had mastered guerilla warfare with green berets, Kennedy thought it was the perfect place to show US interest in the third world and that the US lived up to its commitments. The liberals’ war = Vietnam
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AFP Midterm 2 - American Foreign Policy Midterm 2 Reading...

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