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COMM 383 Final Lecture Study Guide Sell & Spin Video Purpose of Branding o A way to make their product stand out from others o Example: Oreo, you can see the Oreo brand literally on the cookie o Make consumers into selective customers Creating personalities ** Reason Why Advertising o Claude Hopkins – technique – “why you should buy it” o “reason-why” advertising – Schlitz beer cleaned their bottles Unique Selling Proposition o Roster Reeves -- Unique selling proposition – very close to “reason-why” Attempt to make machine made object – “this one is different” from other machine made object (even though essentially it’s the same) Anacin -- Aspirin commercials – used hammers to portray headache – visualization of a headache Use of Humor/Use of Repetition o Research indicated that repetition was a key to success o More sophisticated viewers – advertisers didn’t have to repeat things or try to engrain something into the consumers o Advertisements that advertised with a “wink” and a “nudge” Jingles, Road Signs, Outdoor Ads o Advertisers also targeted children Jack Armstrong – Wheaties – first company to use a “jingle”, easily remembered o As car became the common consumer product – roadside advertisement developed Prominent in early 30’s and 40’s – icons of American Highways Burma Shave o Landmark as advertisement Hollywood sign – was originally Hollywood Land – a real-estate development sign o Poster – to the eye – a shout to the ear Barnum & Bailey – father of advertising; get people stop what they’re doing and look – understood that before you sell a product, you need to gather the crowd o Advertisers used city buildings, sides of walls, billboards, also used airplanes
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VinFiz – early days of advertising on planes – wrote on tale of plane Also used sky writing – vapor trailing Pepsi-Cola effectively used this Good Year tire used blimps Drawback was that people had to look up into the sky Marlboro Man o Marlboro man – most revered “man” in advertising In the beginning – Marlboro was advertised towards women “Mild as May” Completely redesigned to market to men Aiming at population of white collar workers after WWII Marlboro man – “come to where the flavor is – come to Marlboro country” Fantasy to these working men – escape their work Use of Specialists/Use of Research o Gallup? Used empirical marketing Sought to create “science” of advertising Research indicated that repetition was a key to success Also indicated that color advertisement with short phrases were most effective o Advertisements are not scientific – people aren’t predictable, and different o Research – advertisement – lamppost to the drunk – it’s what they hang onto in order to legitimize advertisement McDonald’s – research as success – focus groups “taking a break”
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COMM_383_Final_Lecture_Study_Guide - COMM 383 Final Lecture...

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