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Study Pointers for Mid-Term Exam #2 COMM 201/Fall 2007 Disclaimer: This document is intended as a study aide only – the test itself is not limited to the items covered in this document. 1. Sturken and Cartwright for midterm #2 – know (intro) – 3 things that lead to a focus on the visual in scholarship, (ch. 1) – social constructionist approach, semiotics, (ch. 2) – Hall and encoding/decoding, (ch. 4) – technological determinism, aura, authenticity 2. As politics/ethics/culture is to Greek rhetoric, _______ is to Roman rhetoric (technique/pedagogy) 3. which of the following was of increased importance to Roman rhetoricians 1. Dialectics 2. Aesthetics 3. Sophistry 4. Written Texts* 4. Cicero did not write which of the following 1. De Oratore 2. De Inventione 3. Rhetorica Ad Herenium 4. On the Sublime 5. Both 3 and 4* (but know that RAH was associated with/attributed to Cicero at one time) 5. Which of the following is not one of the five canons of rhetoric 1. Invention – discovery of valid or apparently valid lines of argument 2. Disposition – arrangement, finding the means to distribute arguments in proper order 3. Elocution – language choice 4. Delivery- expressions of voice and gesture 5. Memory – Lost Canon 6. Exhordium* 6. Three Styles of Oratory 1. Low – plain, calm, reason-giving 2. Middle – ornamented for emphasis 3. Grand – transcendent, climactic 7. What is Stasis – systematic way to think through the key issues in “Forensic” rhetoric 1. Issues of fact (what happened) 2. Issues of definition (how do we describe what happened) 3. Issues of quality (severity of the act) 4. Issues of procedure 8. Which of the following was not a character in De Oratore
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Midterm_2_Study_Guide - Study Pointers for Mid-Term Exam #2...

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