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Study Guide for Minority Mental Health, Exam #1 The exam will cover material up to and including lecture #10 on biological and transdisciplinary paradigms. The exam will be based on topics covered in the lectures and consist of multiple choice and short essay questions. Please bring a green scantron form, #2 pencil with eraser, and your student ID for the exam. Key Concepts in the Study of Minority Mental Health Define and be able to compare/contrast each of the following terms within each cluster: Know why it is important to study cross-cultural psychology vs. cultural psychology. Be able to identify examples of cross-cultural studies, etics, and emics. Know whether an etic or emic approach is more important to the study of cross-cultural psychology and why that is. History of Race and Mental Health Know what the 1840 census was about, its results and consequences in American political life. Think about the following: Psychology and other sciences strive to be objective and immune to the prejudices of society as they make new discoveries and develop theories to explain human behavior. Given what we have read and discussed this semester (e.g. the history of race and mental health), has psychology
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This test prep was uploaded on 10/02/2007 for the course PSYC 462m taught by Professor Hueyjr during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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Study_Guide_1 - Study Guide for Minority Mental Health...

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