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Defining American Literature - Elizabeth Easterling...

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Elizabeth Easterling American Literature II Mrs. Ruth McAdams Defining American Literature American literature is the heart and soul of American people. It contains the stories from the beginning of America that tells us about the challenges that our ancestors faced, the social status that our grandparents dominated, and the long journey that we have fought to become who we are today. Most importantly, American literature is about the freedom our ancestors worked so hard to gain and we have learned to appreciate. These historical events help us to be driven individuals who are able to face our fears and choose how we want to live. All of these ideas have come together to create a masterpiece. American Literature is the literary works that so many wonderful authors have created which has help define Americans, and the past, present and future that will remain a part of our countries’ blood for hundreds of generations to come. To understand American Literature, it is important to gain knowledge of American identity and what makes us Americans. Americans are individuals from all different cultures, beliefs, races, and qualities, which came together hundreds of years ago. Today there still many people outside of the United States that would love to live in this free country and join us in living the “American Dream”. Living in a free country is something all Americans value and everyone could dream of. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “we create our own slates, and decide our own destiny” (Pid #1740). People from all around the world would have done anything they could to be on American soil, even if it means giving up your own life to say you died an American. In Bulston’s story, he describes a Mexican who worked so hard to try for so long to gain American citizenship until the day he died. “And he died. But at least he received his most cherished dream:
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Elizabeth Easterling American Literature II Mrs. Ruth McAdams American Citizenship (Bulosan 2271).” One thing all of these people had was the idea
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Defining American Literature - Elizabeth Easterling...

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