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Unformatted text preview: The Effect of Human Contact on Shark Behavior By: Valerie Henderson MOP Seminar November 21, 2007 Why is this so cool? • I want to have 2 bamboo sharks, each in separate tanks. • One shark will have a dark sheet around his tank and will not see humans at all. • The other shark will see humans daily and see humans feeding him. • My goal is to determine which shark is more friendly towards humans. My Test • To determine which shark is more friendly towards humans, after 3 months of my experimental conditions, I will enter the shark tank which has had no contact with humans and see how he reacts. • I will do the same thing with the other shark. My Expectations • I predict that the shark with no human contact will either be scared of me or try to harm me. • The other shark will hopefully know who I am because I have been feeding him for the last 3 months and he will have seen me every day. He might even swim with me if he is feeling extra friendly. A White Spotted Bamboo Shark Picture from A girl holding a bamboo shark pup. Bamboo sharks are quite small and not harmful to humans, as long as you don’t antagonize them, but even if you do, they won’t hurt you like other bigger sharks. That’s why I chose bamboo sharks for my research. Picture from the University of Queensland News Website. ...
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