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1/24/08 The pathetic fallacy is the false association of objects in the nature world with unfounded ideas. Some may call it a poetic license. This imagination strays from the physical facts of them and degrades our perception. According to Ruskin it should be avoided. Nature should get more attention, Ruskin adopts a support for a gradual pastoral retreat for the nation. Nature-worship is valuable and productive towards gaining new perspectives on the worldly occurrences. Ultimately, make more time to spend in nature. Diff between ord, prop, and true appearances vs false and extraord appearances Why does the glorification appeal to us? Giving inanimate objects adjectives that describe life forms is false, but descriptive nonetheless (foam crawl) Assumption of leaf’s death could be beginning of life as fertilizer for and protection on forest floor In all pathetic fallacies there is weakness; the weakness transcends the author onto the page.
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