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Unformatted text preview: Berry, Jenee Berry,Jenee Test 4B 0. Make sure your file name is correct, choose File -> Save As... YourLastName_FirstName_test4b if you need to. Do the steps directly on this file. 1. Use the Slide Master to put your last name, first name on the footer area; then close the Slide Master. 2. Add speaker note with your last name, first name as the speaker note. 3. Apply a design template of your choice. 4. Change the slide layout of this slide to Title Slide. 5. In this slide, insert a clip art with the picture of a horse. 6. Create an "Emphasis" custom animation of your choice on the horse that you insert. Berry,Jenee 7. Add a new slide at the end, type your last name, first name on the title of that new slide. 8. Format the title text (your name) of your new slide to Arial, size 48, bold, red color. Berry,Jenee ...
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