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English 4 Final - Collins 1 Matthew Collins College Writing...

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Collins 1 Matthew Collins College Writing 112 Professor Nurick 7 December 2007 Immigration Debate Moderator: In general does immigration benefit the United States of America? Matt : In this day and age, immigration does benefit the United States of America. Immigrants choose to do many jobs citizens do not want to do. Those jobs, although not glamorous positions, are extremely vital to the country. The jobs immigrants do are the foundations of our society. People that gather the crops that farmers bring in allow us to get those crops at an affordable cost. This way, farmers are able to keep prices of their crops lower, and therefore make it cheaper for us to purchase. That benefits the economy in ways we can’t imagine because it gives United States citizens more expendable income for them to use to purchase other things, which help other companies prosper, which is the basis of our economy. Their jobs are too vital for us to truly understand. If the work they gave us came to a sudden halt, we would have a problem. It best to keep things the way they are. The costs of things would rise, which would not help us in any way. Richard: Immigration has excellent benefits for the country. First, is that it upholds the beginnings of the country. The United States was built on the idea of immigration. Most of the people reading this debate have ancestors who traveled to America. Without immigration this great country would not exist, so why should the government stop all immigration to America. Immigrants bring cultural diversity to the country, as well as skills to deal with the ever changing technology. America needs people who have skills to do work that many current citizens can’t,
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due to their lack of knowledge. I am a citizen due to immigration so why would I want to take away the chance for others to live in this country. As long as immigration is not harmful to citizens of the United States, then it should be allowed.
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