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English Unit II Paper - Collins 1 Matthew Collins Professor...

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Collins 1 Matthew Collins Professor Nurick English 112 - 002 22 October 2007 An Appetite: Friend or Foe? Are women slaves to the images that the mass media shows what the ideal woman should be? Susan Bordo thinks so. She states, “Today, young women and men no longer experience much of a distinction between the commercially fabricated, artfully arranged images that surround them and the aspirations they hold for themselves” (192). This passage communicates Bordo’s belief that the men and women of today cannot tell the difference between advertisements and the real world. There are some people out there who do have such a problem that they believe the only way to be happy is to look like the people on television, but that issue is slowly going away. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King have helped make the super thin woman unattainable. In many communities today, being “Kate Moss” thin isn’t regarded as attractive anymore, at least in the eyes of men. In my mind at least, when I see a woman who might actually be blown away from a sudden gust of wind I’m not attracted, all I can think is, “Does she know what food is?” Bordo writes “Almost all of us who can afford to be eating well are dieting-and hungry-almost all of the time” (194). The only people I know that diet are those who are a little overweight and only slightly change the foods they eat, maybe taking out snack foods in between
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English Unit II Paper - Collins 1 Matthew Collins Professor...

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