English Unit 1 paper- Final

English Unit 1 paper- Final - Collins 1 Matthew Collins...

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Collins 1 Matthew Collins Professor Nurick EnglWrit 112-002 22 October 2007 Baseball: A Pastime Both Nationally and Personally– Final Draft Although it may be slowly losing its “national pastime” status, due to the more action- hungry people of today, baseball is still the only sport of its kind. Baseball requires everything from a person, a physical and mental desire to give it everything they have without a second thought. Standing at the plate with a metal bat and a plastic helmet an inch thick while somebody throws a hard ball that has both taken (Ray Chapman was hit by a pitch in the head and passed away a few days later) or greatly changed the lives (Tony Conigliaro was touted as one of the best new players, but was then hit in eye, ending his career and causing his eyesight worsen constantly) of many people really tests just how prepared a person is mentally and physically. Although the thought of that too many people will be unnerving, many people, myself included, still risk it, for there is much better chance you will gain something than truly get seriously injured. Baseball can teach you how to function as a team, or just be used as a stress reliever, but either way one learns a great deal about life with this sport. The camaraderie baseball requires cannot be compared to anything like it. Baseball is one of the few sports where the best team on paper may still lose the game. Rather, the team that trusts each other the most has the best chance to win. Believing in your teammate allows each player to make plays without the thought “this throw needs to be perfect, or he will never catch it”, because perfection is just an impossibility. There is no greater feeling like the one I get when I step on the field with another eight other people who have one hundred percent trust in you and
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English Unit 1 paper- Final - Collins 1 Matthew Collins...

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