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February 7, 2008 Study of the negro is the study of man’s origins Cause of enormous change in white’s attitude: Atlantic trade in slaves Ooswadoogee cave Depictions of wild wilderness: animals, weather, rituals Giraffe, etc Sahara Desert Cave paintings of whole communities of people Life of the green sahara as it once was Hunting big game 7000-8000 yrs old Technology: ox and cart, horse and saddle, chariots Has lost its greenery, most life, and now its people People went south to the coast and tropical rain forests Others went east to nile (Egypt connections) Settled 10,000 years ago Fertile and easy to farm
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Unformatted text preview: Egypt of the pharaohs Pyramids are being restored and even reconstructed Relationship between ancient people of Egypt kings, queens, Muhibian identity survived many invasions and other occupation attempts Britian, Turkey attempted Deep cultural impact on neighbors (Egyptians) Iron making industry Earliest alphabet ways of writing in the world Only nomads can survive in the modern nile surroundings Ancient wall paintings of tribal wrestling Continuous social tradition Africa has history vs Africa has no history Attitude and approach to how you look at things changes methods...
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