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Matthew Collins Professor Nurick College Writing 9/7/07 Megan Foss’ essay “Love Letters” talks about her redemption. Foss began her adulthood as a prostitute with a herion addiction, but with the help of rehabilitation in prison, she slowly began to become part of “mainstream” society. Helping her was writing. At first she wrote because “the writing had value. It was a commodity and I could trade it for freedom. At the end of the essay, Foss had made a complete turn-around, and was now teaching writing in college. Foss wrote this essay to show that no matter what issues a person may be going through, one always has the oppurtunity for redemption. She also states that “people are judged by their useof language-that how they spoke could define them as trailer-park trash or it could define
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Unformatted text preview: them as being potentially suitable for admittance to the country club.” One could gather that Foss believes that an education and some type of proficiency in language can help a person who may have had a rough time get their life back on track. This essay can be used to inspire such a person. Foss uses her experience, the struggles she went through, and the difficulty she had changing, to inspire people that there is hope to change, no matter what the problem may be. All that is needed is a drive to fix oneself and the persiverance to continue to try to change even when it get tough and appears to be impossible to complete such a task....
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