Group Gratification - 1 Jacqueline Blodgett SP 2.2 Julie...

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Jacqueline Blodgett SP 2.2 Julie Dykema Group Gratification University students of today are expected to learn valuable skills that will prepare them to meet the demands of school and their future careers. Computer, speaking, writing, reading and other skills are all essential to success in the modern world. Of these attributes, however, the somewhat overlooked but still expected skill is teamwork. Working in groups over the past generation has become more and more commonplace, and therefore it is necessary for students to learn how to effectively perform and interact in a group setting during their education. Without this preparation, students’ communication, leadership and teamwork will suffer which will hinder them not only in school but in their professional lives as well. As a student in an English course at the University of Washington, part of the curriculum is to write a major paper in a group with three other students. I had previous experience of group work in educational settings, but I had never had a group writing assignment. Since this was new to me, I was initially skeptical of the idea, not knowing
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This essay was uploaded on 04/16/2008 for the course ENGL 131 taught by Professor Anderson,donaldl during the Spring '08 term at University of Washington.

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Group Gratification - 1 Jacqueline Blodgett SP 2.2 Julie...

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