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A More Modest Proposal-1 - Jeffrey Regan Truth or Lies Dr...

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Jeffrey Regan Truth or Lies Dr. Bonnie Blackwell A More Modest Proposal As today’s society continues to expand and the pace of life continues to increase, it only makes sense that Americans should adapt the way they eat to fit this lifestyle. In many households, tens of hours a week are spent buying, cooking, serving, and consuming food, but in a society where “time is money” this seems to be completely ludicrous. Parents coming home from long arduous days of work are expected to slave in a kitchen cooking meals for the entire family instead of taking a break and relaxing. Then on days off they’re supposed to shop for food at crowded grocery stores and waste the day traversing aisles and standing in long lines. When they do leave the grocery store they realize that a good portion of their income goes solely to food that, in a time they should be relaxing, they have to cook. It seems that buying and cooking your own food is more troublesome than productive. For this reason, although some might see it as a drastic change, I propose that every meal be eaten at a fast food restaurant. If Americans only ate fast food they would no longer need kitchen appliances, silverware, plates, dining tables, and other things that would have once been necessary to prepare, serve and eat food. These materials that would once have been used to supply the average families kitchens and dining rooms could be put to better use in warplanes, bombs, bullets, and other things the Bush administration needs so desperately during The War on Terror. The dining rooms and kitchens could be used to install home gyms and game rooms. This would not only contribute to a healthier America but it would also
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A More Modest Proposal-1 - Jeffrey Regan Truth or Lies Dr...

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