Oroonoko - Oroonoko Oroonoko/Caeser - Kagiso Kuypers(young)...

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Oroonoko Oroonoko/Caeser - Kagiso Kuypers(young) Isaiah Washington(old) Imoinda/Clemene - Halle Berry Aphra Behn - Jennifer Connelly(young)/ Lynda Carter(old) Deputy Govenor William Byam - Christopher Lee The King of Coramantein- Sidney Poitier Tuscan - Djimon Hounsou Ship Captain/Slave Trader - Josh Lucas Director - Edward Zwick Trefry - Tom Hanks Oroonoko is an adventure/romance loosely based on the novel Oroonoko by Aphra Behn. It is a frame story told by Aphra Behn, as an old woman, to her grown up children (mid twenties), who inquire about their mother's mysterious past. The story will also be narrated by Aphra Behn and frequently will go to her as and older woman to help transition between scenes. The first scenes of the movie will be of Oroonoko growning up under the watchful eye of his grandfather, The King of Coramantein. The scenes of his younger life will be heavily narrated by Aphra Behn to fill in the viewer of the native customs of the land. As he grows older the viewer starts to see how Oroonoko matures into someone that stands out as extraordinary in every way from the other people of his tribe. During this time period it is clear that another will be equally as extraordinary as Oroonko and that is Imoinda. They are often seen together and the village plans on them to marry when they get older. One day when playing Imoinda is captured by slave traders and
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Oroonoko - Oroonoko Oroonoko/Caeser - Kagiso Kuypers(young)...

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