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persuasive speech - Liam Kilgallon COMS 102 M/W/ 10-12 14...

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Liam Kilgallon COMS 102 M/W/ 10-12 14 November 2007 Persuasive Speech outline I. Intro A. When you have to pay your bills at the end of the month and you check to see how much money is in your account, what happens if you discover that you have no money left and you weren’t the one who spent it? This most likely means you have been a victim of identity theft. II. Thesis A. Having your identity stolen and your life tampered with is quickly becoming a bigger and bigger problem today. I am going to convince you to support a plan to adopt harsher punishments for identity thieves by voting on Proposition 41. Transition: In order to prove to you that this is needed, here are several reasons you should take into consideration. III. Main Points A. Problem 1. People give out their personal information too easily a. Fill out online surveys or questionnaires, thinking their information will be kept secure. b. However, people can set up fake websites in order to steal your identity SHOW PIE CHART 2. People do not check their financial information often enough and are too careless about their files. a. People don’t know exactly how much money they have in their account so they can’t tell if a smaller amount of money is missing. SHOW BAR GRAPH b. Earlier this year, a maintenance worker at Montego Apartments in Atlanta, Waldell Thomas, found 40
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boxes of loan files in the complex’s dumpster containing Social Security numbers, credit reports and other data on customers of Ameriquest Mortgage Co. c.
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persuasive speech - Liam Kilgallon COMS 102 M/W/ 10-12 14...

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