AGB 212 seminar #1

AGB 212 seminar #1 - Liam Kilgallon AGB 212 3-4 Extra...

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Liam Kilgallon AGB 212: 3-4 Extra Credit Seminar 4-13-08 While attending Karla Chambers’ seminar, I was able to learn some very interesting information. Karla is the part owner of Stahlbush Island Farms, an organic vegetable and fruit farm. The farm has been in her family for 123 years and when it came her turn to run the farm, she decided to go away from the conventional family crops and started with two crops. Today, Stahlbush Island Farms export to 19 countries, China being the second most exported. I found it interesting to hear that there are 186 ethanol plants running in the U.S. Karla mentioned how if all 186 plants were running at full capacity, they would use 36% of the U.S. corn supply. She also mentioned how the ethanol plants are one of the reasons for the current Global Perfect Storm that is taking place currently. The other factors contributing to this prefect storm include India and China demanding more and better quality products, the U.S. dollar being very weak, wheat and cereal, wine, locally
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AGB 212 seminar #1 - Liam Kilgallon AGB 212 3-4 Extra...

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