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AGB 202 sales outline

AGB 202 sales outline - a Strategy i Convince people that...

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Tom Collins Sales Presentation Outline AGB 202: T/R 4-6 Liam, Nicole, Bo, Jason, Alicia, Jeff 4 March 2008 I. Company Information a. Company i. C & H Sugar 1. Real Pure Cane Sugar 2. Better for you than the fake sugar competitors: a. Splenda b. Equal c. Sweet ‘N Low d. High Fructose Corn Syrup II. Customer Profile a. Customer Needs i. Natural choice ii. Tastes better too b. Audience i. Ag Business 202 students and teacher ii. Soda drinkers 1. Regular 2. Diet c. Customer objective/concern i. Weight gain ii. Extra unwanted flab III. Strategy and Objective
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Unformatted text preview: a. Strategy i. Convince people that real sugar is better for you than fake imitation sugar (slight form of fear tactics) ii. A little extra flab/weight is better than chemicals affecting your heart b. Objective i. Have consumer buy our product by convincing them it really is better for them than other products IV. Our Company a. Features i. Healthier for you ii. Natural iii. Tastes better b. Facts i. Natural – no added chemicals ii. Pure...
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