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Lecture 1 - RDA – recommended dietary allowance = 97-98...

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Nutrition is the science of food, diet and digestion, focus on nutrients -> function interaction and balance in relation to health and disease and on the process by which food and nutrients are ingested, absorbed, transported, utilized and excited Composition of a person Male Female Water 62% 57% Fat 15% 22.25% Protein 16% 13% Minerals 6% 5% Carbs 17% of humans Vit 17% also Nutrients: Carbs, fats or lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water Essential nutrients: required by body and not made in sufficient quantities 3 Function of nutrients: 1) Provide energy metabolism 2) Structure eg Ca2+ for bones 3) Regulation glucose affects insulin levels DRIs Dietary Reference intakes: ways to say how many nutrients we need 4 standard of DRI – requires measurable markers is agreed to by Food and Nutrition Board EAR – Estimated avg requirement = 50% level
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Unformatted text preview: RDA – recommended dietary allowance = 97-98% level often RDA = EAR x 1.2 AI – Adequate Intake – no markers just create an estimate UL – Upper Limit – Toxic Levels EAR and RDA -> established for different ages, gender, other categories,-avg over several days Vitamin C EAR RDA Male> 19 yrs 75 90 Female > 19 yrs 60 75 DV daily values = simplified RDA and AIs for nutrition labels Calorie –unit of energy- the amt of heat required to raise the temp of 1 ml = 1g of water 1 deg C-on food labels, have cal = kCal Rec intake: Carbs 45-60% of total energy intake am 50 Fat 20-30% 33 Protein 10-35 16 23% of American eat 5 or more servings of fruits and veg/day 22% exercise > 30 min/day 40% maintain healthy weight 70% don’t smoke 3% do all of these...
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