met mid rev

met mid rev - 3.) second switch (e=-.219) +.250...

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3.) second switch –(e=-.219) +.250 G=-220Kj/mol L – R because spontaneous g< 0, e>0 spont b.) Nadh + .5O2 + H -> NaD+ + H2o E = 1.14v -220kj mol 2 nd q -220/30 = 7 atp 4) phosphotase -> gluconeogenesis Schiff base -> fructose 1, 6 bsp H2o leaves from adolase Schiff base intermediate 1.) stabilize intermediate 2.) facilitates C-C bond breakage 3) Grp transfer Pep to pyruvate glucose to glucose 6 phosphate Oxidation reduction dehydrogenase usually 5.) NAd+ knowwwwww nadh Oxidized and reduced B.) axis x wavelength Y absorption Know oxidized NAD+ and reduced NaDh 260, 340 in x axis know 340 disappearnce of nadh c.) abs eq E*C*L know measure abs@ 340 nm as function of T
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If NADH formed from nad+ abs increase/time The slope dA/dT = dC/dT 6) human go to lactace Else alcohol Pyruvate after glycolysis -> nadh+ h + - nad+ lactate Yeast tpp c02 nadh + h+ nad+ ethanol a.) Draw cyclic amp 7) U don’t see it because it leaves in CO2 draw yeast to acetyl coa this is aerobix Diff for anaerobixc 8.) it takes atp
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met mid rev - 3.) second switch (e=-.219) +.250...

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