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silence reflection - Dutton, A., Reflection #1, 01/28/08...

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Drew, this is a compelling opening but is a bit wordy. As we go through the semester, please try to rewrite using the principles we just discussed from Orwell and Harvey. A story of faith shattering challenges, compelling themes and intricate characterizations; Shusaku Endo’s Silence took me into the life and world of Father Rodrigues maybe a little information on him as he embarks on his epic journey as a missionary in Japan. Throughout the novel the theme of silence took me into the deepest core of the novel where I accompanied Rodrigues through his struggles with self doubt, complete abandonment [I’d get in the habit of using the serial comma; a comma before “and.” There will be cases when it will eliminate ambiguities] and physical torment. I came to understand the true purpose of each individual character and the important and influential roles that they played in the story. As I clung to my book waiting for the outcome of this unpredictable adventure, I couldn’t Remember that contractions like “couldn’t” given a piece a more conversational tone, which is probably fine in a book review; in a lot of academic writing, however, it is frowned upon have been more overwhelmed by the answers that awaited me at the end. The story begins with the first attack of the antagonist of this story, doubt. Rodrigues receives word that his beloved and faithful teacher, Father Ferreira, has apostatized. This is the first attack on Rodrigues’s faith; the very man who had brought him into his life of religion had apparently? suddenly turned his back on truth. Unwilling, or unable, to accept this , Rodrigues embarks on his mission to Japan to seek out the truth about his teacher. Rodrigues sets off accompanied by two other missionaries; awkward punctuation Father Garrpe and Father Santa Marta into the heart of Japan. What time is this? Historically at this time
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silence reflection - Dutton, A., Reflection #1, 01/28/08...

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