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Andrew Dutton World Religions 04/03/08 Reflection #3 (Hindu Video) Mississippi Masala Mira Nair’s , Mississippi Masala , is a classic “forbidden love” romance film incorporating religious, racial, and emotional conflict into a fast paced and well developed plot. The theme, racial discrimination, plays a dominant and historically accurate role throughout the film. Other themes, such as suppression, family conflict, and alterity, bind the story together in a manner that captures the full attention and deepest emotion of the audience. The story begins on November 7, 1972. Idi Amin is expelling the Indian people from Uganda. Sarita Choudry plays Mina, the central character of the film. She is a young girl growing up in Uganda during this time period. Mina lives with her Asian father Jay (played by Roshan Seth) and her mother Kinnu (played by Sharmila Tagroe). Jay is born into the second generation of an Asian family brought to Uganda by the British to work on the railways. After the railways were completed, Idi Amin advances his movement to expel the Asians from Uganda because they pose a threat to the Ugandan economy. An assertive freedom fighter, Jay protests the actions of the abusive dictator on the BBC radio. Jay is taken into police custody and imprisoned for his actions. He remains in jail until his lifelong friend, Okela, bribes the police for his
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Hindu Video Reflection - Andrew Dutton World Religions...

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