8 theories reflection (Evans)

8 theories reflection (Evans) - Andrew Dutton World...

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Andrew Dutton World Religions (Mark Dennis) April 12 th , 2008 Reflection #4 E.E. Evans Pritchard Seemingly unfit for this text, E.E. Evans-Pritchard, presents an “antitheorist” approach to the study and theory of religion. Renowned globally for his studies and teachings in anthropology, Evans has earned the title of “…the leading figure in British Social anthropology” and has mush to say on the topic of religion. However, his input isn’t complete without his criticism. A critic of the masses, Evans rejects almost all previous theories of religion presented by those before him. Through extensive and unbiased research he is able to bring legitimate evidence to his arguments against theorists such as Tylor and Frazer. Evans is quick to attack and “dismantle” almost every theory posed in the field of religion, stating the overall “lack of effort” each theorist has demonstrated, and the inconsistencies in their studies. Most of the theorist discussed in The Eight Theories of Religion , refer to “primitive culture” as their foundation for interpreting religious evolution and the precursor to their functional reductionism of religion as whole. Evans claims however, that most theorist have hardly put in the effort to really do any in depth research of these “primitive cultures”; and that in most cases, these theorists have only focused on one culture. Applying incomprehensive studies of just one religion cannot be
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8 theories reflection (Evans) - Andrew Dutton World...

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