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Advances in doors - Charles Kingham Dr. Mulva Tech. 3361...

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Charles Kingham Dr. Mulva Tech. 3361 November 21, 2006 One Door Leads to Another Throughout history doors have been an integral part of everyone’s life. They provide security, privacy, and a safe way of ingress and egress for a structure. With the advent of synthetic products and engineered materials doors have progressed dramatically over the last forty years. In the past you only had two basic choices for doors, wood or metal, now the possibilities are only limited by the imagination. With terrorists on native soil, Changing weather patterns, and a looming energy crisis at hand, manufactures in conjunction with Governments and consumers have stepped up to the plate to provide practical doors that are chemical, bullet, fire and weather resistant to further protect building occupants. These fenestrations are not only safe but highly energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing as well. The United States energy reserves are like a savings account. The less you withdraw from the account the more fuel we have when we really need it. This added efficiency reduces strain on the power grid and reduces green house gas emissions (such as CO2 and SO2) by burning less fuel to generate electricity. With energy prices on the increase the demand for energy efficient
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Advances in doors - Charles Kingham Dr. Mulva Tech. 3361...

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