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Psy313 - Study Guide 1

Psy313 - Study Guide 1 - Understand the different criteria...

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Psy 313 Exam 1 Study Guide Spring 2008 What is a blastocyst? When does this emerge/develop? Apply your understanding of cohort effect Understand the differences between experimental studies and other types of research designs Infant mortality – take home message Understand the differences between the major theoretical frameworks discussed in class Apgar and Brazelton – what are they and what’s the difference between them? Heritability – understand what it means in the context of development Teratogens – understand the six general principles Kinship studies – what are the general findings resulting from such research?
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Unformatted text preview: Understand the different criteria of scientific description • Understand all of the ‘central questions’ of this field – be able to apply your understanding (e.g., difference between quantitative and qualitative development) • Be able to formulate examples of the gene-environment interaction • Ethology – what is it? Be able to identify an example of findings stemming from this field • Phenotype and gentyope • Fetal inactivity – generally speaking, what does this process reflect • Limitations of various research designs • Mutations – why do we study them? How can they affect us? • Sex-linked disorders...
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