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Murad Mordukhay American Politics 10 Newspaper Article Assignment July 25, 2006 Precedent The case of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) vs. Kentucky River Community Care discussed in this article is a prime example of the way precedent can have a deep impact on future cases with similar issues. Basically, it started when workers such as nurses, sales representatives and quality control specialists wanted to join a union which would represent their needs. The opposition however claimed that six nurses would have to be excluded from the union because those nurses sometimes overlooked and scheduled work of other staff members. This decision-making ability classified those nurses as part of management and therefore ineligible for union membership. NLRB backed the union and responded saying that those nurses didn’t really have enough independent judgment and when they supervised less skilled workers it was always along the lines of what the employer demanded they do. Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court however denied the NLRB’s claim and ruled in favor of the Kentucky River Community Care. It has been now decided by the Supreme Court that laborer’s whose jobs require creative thinking or instruction of less skilled workers will no longer be eligible to join unions. “Why?” you ask, “This is only one
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Precendent - Murad Mordukhay American Politics 10 Newspaper...

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