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ANTHR 125 What Makes a Hero? A hero is a universal idea held in common across all cultures. From Indiana Jones, to Hercules, to Anansi, to the Monkey King, to Batman, culture around the world is filled with tales of heroes and their exploits. Names and adventures may be different from story to story, but heroes do share many similarities. Heroes are often perceived as superhuman beings, in varying ways. Some have extreme physical abilities, such as Superman’s ability to fly, Hercules’ strength, or the Flash’s blinding speed. However, this quality can also manifest itself in mundane ways. Many heroes are simply extraordinary in their courage, their determination, or even their will to survive. Han Solo is as normal as is possible in the Star Wars universe, except for being a good deal more cutthroat than the average Warsie (the characters, not necessarily
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Unformatted text preview: the fanboys). A hero’s purpose is just as integral to his character as his abilities. A hero needs a goal: Jason has the Golden Fleece, Inigo Montoya has his revenge, and James Bond has evil masterminds to stop and women to seduce. A hero’s heroic qualities usually are exhibited in striving for this goal, because without a clear objective, there would be no need for a hero who is more capable than the average man. As Agent Smith so aptly paraphrases, “without purpose, we would not exist.” Every story has a hero, and though there are as many stories out there as one could count, heroes have common distinguishing marks. Unlike the mundane person, every hero is extraordinary in some way, and every hero has something to strive for....
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