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math171 lab2 2-7-08

math171 lab2 2-7-08 - I would consider an average success...

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Report 2 1. a. Testing a chip can be considered a Bernoulli trial because the chip is either a success by working, or a failure by being defective. b. X is the number of working computer chips out of the 50 tested. n is the number of Bernoulli trials (50 in this case), and p is the probability of success of each Bernoulli trial, which is 0.9. c. d. Out of the 20 simulations, every test resulted in at least 43 successes, but none had more than 48 successes. The most common results were 44 and 46 successes. 2. a. Each simulation showed between 18 and 30 successes, showing a range of success between 45% and 75%, which is consistent with the given success rate of 60%. b. The new medication would have to be considerably more effective than 60%, so that in a scenario similar to the one above with 20 simulations, the range of successes would have to be higher than the 18-30 range of the above experiment.
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Unformatted text preview: I would consider an average success rate of 70%, with a range of 25-35 to be convincing evidence. 3. An example of a Bernoulli trial is the game of Craps. Played with 2 dice, a Craps player wants to roll a specific combination, for example 2 of the same number. In this case, success is landing both dice on the same number, for which the probability (p) of success is 6/36 or 0.167. In a game involving 30 rolls of the dice, n = 30, and X is the number of successes in each game. In a casino with 20 Craps tables working at the same time, a histogram of the number of successes at each table would most likely show a distribution of between 2 and 8 successes per game at each table, with 4, 5, and 6 being the most common number of successes....
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