hist_review - "The Gospel of Work Embedded American notion...

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“The Gospel of Work ”- Embedded American notion that if you work you can earn a sufficient amount to live. Ben Franklin’s virtue, “early to bed, early to rise,” the idea that hard working people will have wealth because they are deserving. Their explanation of why people are poor is that they are lazy, or not working hard enough. “hayseeds like me” - A song about a farmer being taken advantage of by industrialists. Songs of struggle which emerged from the coal mines, textile mills and acres of farmland, and spoke of issues important to the American laborer. They help to provide a history of labor from the people at the time and its role in American popular music. Reform Darwinism ”- The idea that people can shape their own future. People are social animals and are able to change their own destinies through education, politics, etc. Their distinguishing belief was that human beings are unique in the evolutionary process. While all organisms are evolving, they argued, only humans are aware of that fact and in a position to control, or "manage," the evolutionary process. Unlike the Social Darwinists, who believed in a minimalist state, the Reform Darwinists were statists. That is, they believed that the state should be actively involved in guiding the evolutionary process to produce the best individuals possible, and to seek to improve the lives of those
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hist_review - "The Gospel of Work Embedded American notion...

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