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_feb28 - population and resources - Chapter 10 Population...

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Chapter 10: Population and Resource Pressure on the Global Environment February 28, 2008 What happens to the Westphalian order? 1999- - beginning of the end… attack on Serbian forces on its own province of Kosovo. Legitimacy of international system hangs in the balance. Where does independence end? What about the Basques in Spain, the Kurds in Iraq, or the Flems in Belgium? Important Concepts: Carrying capacity: max biomass that can be sustained by a given territory. Sustainable development: use of resources so as to leave equivalent resources for future generations Tragedy of the Commons: rationally self-interested behavior may have a destructive collective impact…ex: overgrazing on the village green. Runs in the face of Smith’s Wealth of Nations… the idea of people doing their own thing for the good of the market… but tragedy of commons says if people follow their own self-interest, there will occur a breakdown of the system. Population Growth: Annual population growth rate: 2.2% max in 1964, currently 1.2% 6.32 billion people Growth highest in Global South: 95% of total growth due to social, economic, and environmental problems. High fertility rates (2.1 is replacement rate)
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_feb28 - population and resources - Chapter 10 Population...

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