marketing travel mugs

marketing travel mugs - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 12...

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Unformatted text preview: Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 12 May 2009 Assignment Five Marketing the OXO LiquiSeal Travel Mug The model of the OXO LiquiSeal Travel Mug I am critiquing is made entirely of plastic and holds 14 oz, and the top is screwed on like most travel mugs. What sets the LiquiSeal apart is its opening and closing system, which is handled by a button on the cover. When pressed in, the button locks open a spring-loaded piston inside the cup that allows for liquid to flow through. The piston is closed when the button is pressed a second time. Aspects: Two key features of the LiquiSeal Travel Mug that OXO advertises are its leak-proof sealing system and convenience-conscious design. In order to show how confident they are about their seal design, OXO encourages customers to turn their mugs upside down when filled so they can see the quality of the seal for themselves. They attribute the waterproof fit to three silicone seals that provide multiple stages of protection against leaks. Since most travel mugs only use one or two seals, the LiquiSeal puts itself above the competition as a higher standard of quality. Gillette uses a similar tactic by creating razors with more and more blades. Their philosophy is that more is better an approach that OXO reflects in its travel mug design. The second feature of the OXO mug, the convenience-conscious design, is the center of OXOs advertising strategy. Their advertisements praise the mug as versatile because it can be used with only one hand. As the products online description explains, One-handed activation allows you to keep one hand on the steering wheel. OXO also lauds the lack of a handle, saying that the lack of one makes the mug compatible with almost any kind of cup holder. The soft, KIM 2 non-slip grip is marketed as a necessity for people who are always in a rush....
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marketing travel mugs - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 12...

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