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dorm bed - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 December 1,...

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Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 December 1, 2007 Assignment Six Uses of a Myles 307A Dorm Bed The bed in question is a twin extra-long (39 in. x 80 in.) mattress that rests upon a metal frame. The legs of the frame are roughly 14 in long, and the main part of the frame (rectangular in shape) has sharply squared corners. This particular frame is raised an extra eight inches from the ground via plastic rack raisers. Marketing Boston University dorm beds are not marketed as anything glamorous. Rather, they are lumped together on the university’s website under the heading of “Furnishings and Appliances.” The website lists the standard furniture of a dorm-style room; “A dresser, a desk, a bed and a chair for each student,” with a side-note explaining that some students also get curtains. The university brands these beds as an integrated feature of the room, just like the walls and doors. Their procedural policy for servicing room furniture is the same one they use for broken locks or faulty light switches, which is to report it to the office and fill out a request form for service. There is no attempt made to create a relationship between the student and their bed, nor does the university try to put a more humane spin on something so personal as a bed. Instead, it is a commodity that calls for procedure rather than personality. Mark Nolan The owner of the bed in Myles 307A, Mark Nolan uses his mattress space mostly as a means for storage. Though he also uses it as a place to sleep at night, his bed is used as an extra place of storage for the other 18 hours of the day. For Mark, the reason why his bed has taken on the extra role of a storage area is because of the limited amount of space in his room. His bed is easily the largest fixture in the room and
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KIM 2 takes up twice as much space as the next largest item, his desk. The total amount of floor space in the room is about 180 ft 2 , but the inclusion of two beds, two desks, two chairs and two
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dorm bed - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 December 1,...

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