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Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 December 14, 2007 Final Exam ChapStick Materials: ChapStick, the lip balm product made by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, is made of various oils, waxes, vitamins and skin-penetrating chemicals. 1 The particular stick of lip balm I am analyzing is a barely-translucent shade of white and resembles a wickless candle. The waxy stick is about 2 ¼ in. tall and ½ in. in diameter. The lip balm is incased in a plastic tube that is about 2 ¾ in. tall, ¾ in. in diameter and roughly 1 / 16 in. thick. About ½ in. of the top of the tube is thinner, about 1 / 32 in. thick, to accommodate the tube’s detachable cap, which is also the same thickness. When attached, the cap, which has rounded edges at the top, is flush with the tube. On the inside of the cylindrical tube is a screwing mechanism, which is visible by a notched wheel at the bottom of the plastic cylinder. The proper name for the screw mechanism and cylinder is “twist tube,” and it works by pushing a plastic base (located under the lip balm) along a threaded pin as the wheel turns. The plastic tube is dull, smooth and white, and it is probably polyethylene since it has the same slightly abrasive feel of a plastic water bottle. Around the main part of the tube, the section that does not include the cap or wheel, is a colored plastic label that reads “ChapStick.” The label contains information about the object’s weight (0.15 oz.), it’s sun-proof rating (SPF 15) and the name of the manufacturer among other things. 1 "ChapStick Moisturizer." ChapStick. 17 Dec. 2007. Wyeth Consumer Healthcare. 17 Dec. 2007 <>.
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Production: There is not much information online about the production of ChapStick, but articles suggest that it is poured into molds, in the same way they were in the early 1910s. The lip balm in ChapStick is produced by mixing together the various ingredients, oils, waxes and other chemicals, and melting them down into a waxy liquid. The liquid is then poured into a mold and fitted onto its plastic base that has been pre-threaded down the middle. The entire assembly is set into the ChapStick tube and the screwing mechanism is inserted into the bottom. The tube is then capped, sealed and packaged for retail. The process of production is handled piecemeal in factories. There is no evidence that suggests whether ChapStick is assembled by hand at any point in production, but because the product is so slippery and small it is probably assembled completely by machines. The choice of mechanical manufacturing ensures that each ChapStick is perfectly shaped and completely sterile. Because the product is something that people put on an intimate part of their body – their lips – it is essential that the final product retain those two qualities of flawlessness and cleanliness. Design:
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final - chapstick - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367...

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