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quilt making - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 April 17,...

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Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 May 7, 2009 Assignment Three Erin O’Bannon: Quilts Erin O’Bannon, a college student at Boston University, is a young woman of 19 years from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She started making quilts, on and off, since she was ten, though she says it has only become a serious hobby this past summer. An appreciation for quilting is something Erin shares with her mother – a seamstress. Erin’s mother is extensively involved in the world of sewing and handicraft and is an active member in a quilter’s guild and various other craft groups in Sand Springs. Erin’s education in crafts come mostly from her mother and began with an interest in sewing. Her mother put her in sewing classes for a couple weeks when she was eight years old. When Erin got better at sewing, she moved on to projects that were more complex. “I asked her how to do more things, like make skirts, scrunchies, purses, etc.,” she said. Her interest to con- tinue sewing and craft making was born out of a desire for fashion. She made scrunchies be- cause she thought they were “cool.” Erin’s mother was the one who taught her the method of quilt making. “[My mother] showed me how to make a pillow, and that is basically the same method of making a quilt,” she explained. The process is a series of pieces that are sew together to form bigger pieces. The design pieces are the first step. Erin taught me how to sew a pinwheel design using triangular pieces of fabric. These pieces were sewn together along their inside edges so that when they
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quilt making - Jonathan Kim Prof. Sewell AM 367 April 17,...

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