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ANTHRO lecture 2 Comparative Comparisons allow us to see social ocnsturctions of life e.g. ‘co-sleeping’ Method Participant obsevation and ethnography: fieldwork, informants, subjects, participants Inisiders point of view; deeper understanding Difference between ideal and real, eg garbage archaeology in Tucson, and communal labor in peru problems with ethnography naïve realism ethnocentrism – belief that your culture is the best objectivity; e.g. bronislaw malinowski and Annette weinter in trobriant island, papua new guinea benefits of anthropology reduce ethnocentrism, increase respect and appreciation, reduce conflict
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Unformatted text preview: opportunity for change and for us to be agents of change critical approach actvism and public anthropology life and times of sara baartman belief that s. Africans are subhuman she was taken to London in 1811 most blacks in london were in some sort of servitude although many did well thought she was strange because of looks (aka ass) put into freak show Brits thought it was atrocious as they were very pro abolitioinist She had strange genitals which caused her butt to be huge?...
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