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Culture change: violence and coercion Genocide ethnic cleansing jews and roma in germany WWII; Albanians, muslims, Croatians, Serbians in Yugoslavia, 1990s; tutsis and hutus in rwanada, 1994; “black” Africans in darfur, sudan, since 2003 Ethnocide – forcing change of culture? and culture loss e.g. Amerindians, tried to civilize American Indians, in boarding schools etc. another example the Na are minority in china have different family forms, and men and woman treat each other different, no marriage, no infidelity, Na have no nuclear family, live with maternal relatives, no fatherhood, they practice a form of buddhism, HAN are
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Unformatted text preview: dominant and colonized much of what we now know as china, and different, they tried to force the Na to marry, illegitimate children would make family lose food ration in communist china Video - In chad armed horseman have been burning down houses, not considered genocide because un doesnt want to go in. un is dithering Resistance and accommodation of culture Syncretism / creolization blending of culture A lot of things were brought to different places, potatoes and tomatoes brought to Europe from America, ganja was brought to Jamaica...
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