Chapter 8 key controversy

Chapter 8 key - languages There have been recent attempts to break down this fairly clear model called the “express train” or “out of

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Chris Gonzalez Chapter 8 Key Controversy Writing after traveling on the Resolution with Captain James Cook in 1772, the German scholar and explorer Johann Reinhold Forster asked his readers why the inhabitants of Tahiti in Polynesia should have been different in appearance from those in Vanuatu in Melanesia. He suggested that the Tahitians are nearly related in every respect to the Tagales in Lucon or Manilla. This apparent ancestry was the root of the island hopping migration. Austronesian migrations commenced in the souther China-Taiwan- northern Philippines general region and progressed from there through movements of both people and
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Unformatted text preview: languages. There have been recent attempts to break down this fairly clear model, called the “express train” or “out of Taiwan” model, into a more complex picture, involving a great deal of human dislocation between island Southeast Asia and Oceania. Leaving genetics to one side, there is a very strong linguistic and archaeological correlation that emanates from recent research. Linguistically, a Taiwanese homeland for the Austronesian family is almost universally recognized by linguists; the idea of a Melanesian homeland is no longer taken seriously....
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