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January 23 - fight with you Making remarks about their...

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January 23, 2007 Freedoms Political donations are a form of free speech as defined by the 1 st amendment. Corporations are treated as people in some ways but not in others. They also have the right to put an insert into bills or fliers. Commercial speech is protected by free speech but has less protection than political speech. Consumers as consumers are not necessarily the best at picking out false advertising so there are limits on what commercials may say. False advertising is not covered in free speech. If there is a substantial government interest and the law directly advances. Video games counts as free speech. Types of speech not protected: Defamation - lying to damage someone’s reputation. But what is said in court is protected. Fighting words - words that you can say that are likely to cause someone to get into a
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Unformatted text preview: fight with you. Making remarks about their mother, ethnicity, or insults in general. Obscenity- violates contemporary community standards, depict patently offensive conduct, and lack other merit. Freedom of or from religion: Congress cannot establish a religion. It also may not favor a religion over another. Laws cannot have a secular aim. The outcome may not enhance or inhibit a religion. No law may entangle the government with religion. Keeping bars closed on Sunday is still a law but is secular. Religious displays are okay if they are displayed with holiday displays (publicly paid for). The government cannot tell you what to think. They can however regulate what you do. Example: You cannot cross constitutional laws. The former Mormon habit of polygamy is still restricted....
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