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Semiotic Journal Analysi #3

Semiotic Journal Analysi #3 - more child-like in proportion...

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Semiotic Journal Analysis #3 Type of Sign : Iconic. Signified can be seen. Denotation: A young black boy around the age of 12 can be seen posing for a picture. He has an “afro” and is wearing glitzy-pop attire from the 1970’s. His clothes are garish, and he is wearing a scarf around his neck. His hands and the rest of his body are not seen. He is staring into the camera but he is not smiling. His face is very shiny. Connotation: There is a contrast between the youthful features of young Michael, and the way he is dressed. His clothes are garish, flamboyant and not age-appropriate. It looks as though someone dressed him in clothes he didn’t want to wear, and made him pose for a photo shoot. The neck tie is not tied loosely around his neck, and looks confined and restricted; it is reminiscent of a noose. (He is a slave to the media, his father and his fans.) The medium sized “afro” that Michael has in this picture was likely a fashion statement of the time period, but it makes his head look larger and even
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Unformatted text preview: more child-like in proportion to his tiny body frame. His face is almost as shiny as his clothing to enhance his “starlit” appearance. There is no movement in this photograph. The fact that half of his arms and the rest of his body can’t be seen makes the photograph so still, and stiff. It’s unnatural to see a young boy look so stiff. What is most moving is that Michael is not smiling. Wouldn’t a rising young and talented pop star wish to smile with confidence, delight and excitement? Even more so, he looks depressed. His shoulders are slightly slouched, his body is not faced forward, it is positioned passively, and his eyes…. .his eyes look lost, tired, angry, meek, and desolate. The expression in young Michael’s eyes contrasts the most with the whole idea of this photograph. Myth: That by being born into fame and fortune paves the road for a happy life....
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