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Exam 3 Study Guide - Human Sexuality Exam 3 Review Sex...

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Human Sexuality Exam 3 Review Aphrodisiacs : drug/agent that is sex arousing or increases sex desire. Provide: 1. expectancy effect 2. reduced inhibitions 3. burst of nutrition/energy 4. blood flow. o Ex = Spanish fly (crushed dried beetles that contain lactone called cantharidin. It burns, among other things). o Some aphrodisiacs contain scopatamine (treats nausa, motion sickness, certain ophthalimic purposes) and atropine . o Nightshade: belladonna, mandrake, gimson weed, cocaine. They block ACT receptors, produce sedative anesthetic effects. o Dopamine vs. Serotonin Dopamine: the craving neurochemical which stimulates the brains pleasure center. o Dopamine = desire. o Prolactine = satisfaction. Serotonin : o the “well-being” neurotransmitter. o Low levels = anger/depression, OCD. o High levels = inhibit sexual desire and orgasim. Drugs: o Alcohol: reduces inhibitions, CNS depressant, whisky dick, reduces testosterone. o Cocaine: stimulant, typical anesthetic, increase arousal, increases erections/organisms better/easier (but too much makes these impossible). o Ecstasy: Entheogenic – increases empathy and closenessness, gives illusion of intimacy. Increase sex desire, decreases resistance. Mixed effects on individual. o SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors): decrease libido, inhibit orgasm. Ex = Prozac, Zoloft, etc. o Hallucinogens: may increase sensory awareness, but can be unpredictable. Ex = LSD. o WEEEDDD: AWESOME. Stimulates dopamine pathways, but may reduce testosterone, testicle size, and libido. o Reefer Madness: Euphoria, relaxation, sex arousal, heightened sensations and sociability, and can become a depressant. o Yohimbine (the OTC Aphrodisiac): derived from an African tree, produces vasadilation by inhibition; may have psychological effects on sex arousal. o Viagra: ***True Aphrodisiac***
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o Suppresses SNS in corpora cavernosa which relaxes it and inc blood flow. o Barbituates: o enhances arousal o stimulates sex activity o reduces inhibitions/desires o impairs erection/ejac o can lead to addiction, depression, death. Technique Japanese Art of Sex: o Geisha – don’t wear panties. o Komoto has an open right side for men to grab breast. o Makeup highly erotic, hinting on her genitalia. o Chrysantemun (anus) o Locus nectar (oral sex for women) o Two commas = 69 Positions: 1. Missionary : conservative, but has variability. Sexually exploited people may like. 2. Wild abandonment: which controls depth of penetration. 3. Rear entry : good through pregnancy, good for needle dicks, not good for sexually exploited people, can created the dreaded quief.
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Exam 3 Study Guide - Human Sexuality Exam 3 Review Sex...

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