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Elements of a Formal Critique of Art Description – what do you see? Analysis – what idea does this work of art represent? Use vocabulary of elements of art to understand how the work of art is composed Interpretation – develop your thesis – what is the meaning of the work of art? What is the artist trying to say or make you feel? Judgment – do you think that this is an effective work of art? Do you like it? On what level – intellectual, spiritual, emotional?
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Unformatted text preview: Thesis in first paragraph “so that I know what you are going to try to prove” Elements of Art Line, shape, space, color, light, value, texture, and mass Arranged to provide: balance, order, proportion, pattern, and rhythm The combination of elements is the composition, which evokes a response from the viewer Lines – create boundaries, contours are the boundaries we perceive that create the illusion of three-dimensional forms – figures and shapes...
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